Automated Gentoo Install System

Since December 2017 I have been working on a system that automates the installation of Gentoo Linux. I am happy to announce that I have hit the 1.0 release of it (though as of finally finishing this write-up on it, it’s actually at 1.2)! The goal of this tool is to make Gentoo as an operating system more accessible so that those who are interested in trying the OS but are not confident in their ability to install it can have an easy way to do so.

There Are Two Flavors of This System

One where the user gives input in a few sections in order for a slightly more customized experience. This is the version that I am more actively developing, and that will likely continue to remain true. This version, and instructions on how to make use of it can be found here:

The other is one where no user input is needed. This version is only usable for making virtual machines with Packer, and will remain that way unless some forks it and rewrites parts of it so that Packer is no longer needed (though that would probably be easier if the other system is used as a base). This version can be found here:

No matter which one you use, be prepared to dedicate several hours of your day to having it run, as it is an incredibly long process to build Gentoo due to needing to compile everything from source as you go. I think the fastest I have ever seen was about two hours, and that was on a system with a Ryzen 7 1700 with all 8 cores dedicated to building the virtual machine.

The Future of This Project

I’m honestly not quite certain where I plan to go with this, aside from using it in my PackerSystems project, where I am using Gentoo as a web server in my CCDC practice environment. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below and we can talk about your ideas.

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